Questions and Answers

Who is actually shaping the Brewer Morgan Boards?

Most of these boards are hand shaped by Steve Morgan and each board is personally signed with an ink signature. (These are not decals or laminates) Upon request, custom orders are accepted for shapes by Dick Brewer. 

What are the fin options and what is the fin setup for the "V5 Bonzer"?

Fin options are either FCS or Future Fins. Boxes for longboard tail fins are either Bahne (style)  or Future.

The V5 Bonzer comes with four FCS Fusion inserts for side fins and a choice of either FCS or True Ames “Bonzer” side fins. Standard tail fin box is the 8” Bahne box with choice of either 6.5” True Ames fin or 6.5” Brewer Fin by Island Fin Design.


What is the standard glassing for these models? Do they come in epoxy?

The following are the standard polyurethane  glassing specs for each model:

Hanalei, Lotus,  V5 Bonzer-  6/4 oz deck, 4 oz bottom

X-celerator, Pocket rocket -  4/4 oz deck with carbon tail patch, 4 oz bottom

63-  6/6 oz deck, 6 oz bottom

Waikiki- 6/6 oz deck with 6 oz knee patch, 6 oz bottom

*Custom Epoxy versions of these models are available upon request. 

Are flat deck lines and beaks incorporated into the design of these boards?

The only model to come standard with a flat deck is the Pocket rocket. This model has a late era beak which is smaller than earlier years. The V5 Bonzer is the only model to come standard with a full beak. The deck line on this model is somewhat flat but still has some fade in the rail. In their original form, all of these models incorporated flat decks, beaks and vee bottoms. Upon request, custom orders for any of these models can be made with one or all of these features. 

How do I order a board and get cost? Can boards be shipped?

Yes we can ship to most places internationally.

Custom orders can be made by directly contacting the factory:

Surfboard Factory Hawaii

Phone (808) 543-2145


*Brewer Morgan Surfboards are exclusively available at Surfboard Factory Hawaii and HIC Surf Shops in Hawaii.

I have an old Brewer Morgan, Can I get the board replicated?

If you live in Hawaii this can be accommodated by bringing in your old board to the factory. Mainland or international enquiries for replication are more problematic but not impossible.