Dirk Brace - sizable Honolua on a 6'2 Brewer Morgan  (photo- Erik Aeder)

 Brewer Morgans by the dozen (Kauai- 86) Boards destined for Tahiti and Northern Cal

"Mouse" on a Brewer Morgan - Surfer magazine, June 85.  Several versions of this photo exist including a full scale poster issued by Surfer magazine. The full two page image of the photo was recently re-released in FreeSurf magazine (Vol 15 #2 pages 32-33)   (Photo- Erik Aeder)

Kainalu - putting the "Waikiki" in reverse

Nini Narvaez on the nose of her Waikiki model. Guess where?

This image appeared on-line from an unknown source but is a good representation of Brewer Morgan thrusters being built in 82 at the Brewer factory in Oceanside. Tight nose and full surface area with the double wing swallow pulling in the tail. The logo in the top right hand corner was created by Keith Hennant and was typically found on Morgan's shapes during that time period.

A lone surviving photo of the Newport gang. Danny Leman at the Wedge -84

Classic early Brewer Morgan single fin 

1977 World Champion "Shaun Tomson" on an early Brewer Morgan thruster.  Disclaimer- You will be disappointed in the following video clip  if you are attempting to compare it to today’s level of performance surfing. While there was some outstanding surfing at that time including classic footage of Shaun, what this rare clip reveals is Morgan’s application of Dick Brewer’s design concepts applied to small wave surfing. For the first time a surfboard could actually perform in two foot mediocre surf.

The years pass quickly. Steve and Donna Morgan in 79, the year Morgan began shaping for Brewer.

38 years later (2017) Dick Brewer and Steve Morgan pose for this photo at the shop in Kapolei.